A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Cynical and detached adult, Ami, gets swallowed away into a forgotten imaginary world from her childhood named Oceanos. There, she journeys around the world, waking and helping out the inhabitants in search of things she needs to wake herself up. 

Dreamland Confectionery is a comforting, reactive, and visually rich narratively driven adventure game about baking, exploring, and reconnecting with a lost childhood dream. 

Dreamland Confectionery is a narratively-driven exploration game where you bake desserts to transform your world. Journey throughout the land to reclaim your dreams with the help of a vibrant cast of long-lost friends.

Do you enjoy casual exploration at your pace, interacting with imaginary creatures, and getting to know a cast of uniquely charming characters? Dive into Oceanos and let your inner child take the helm.

Currently, the game is at an early stage in development, and you can play a short demo below for Windows and Mac platforms. Thank you for joining us so early in our journey! Sign up for our newsletter here: dreamlandconfectionery.com

Install instructions

The game UI will show ps4 controls. You can play the game with other controllers as well, but the button mapping may differ. Please use a PS4 controller for the best experience.

To play on Windows, download the Windows build, unzip, and double-click the executable with the seabunny game icon. 

To play on Mac, download the Mac build, unzip, and double-click the seabunny game icon. If the game does not open, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy. On the bottom of the window, click "Allow."


Dreamland Confectionery Ver.01 (Windows) 414 MB
Dreamland Confectionery Ver.01 (Mac) 379 MB

Development log


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I saw this little gem of a game at Wholesome Direct and honestly fell in love with the style imedetly.
The demo is really pretty! Also I love all the little creatures running around.
Can't wait to see more from this game, totally buying it when the full thing is released! 
Wonderful work devs <3

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Great Game

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Thank you for playing!